Smarter Marina Management Software: Flexible & Adaptable to Your Business

Marinalife Manager started with the concept of a single, comprehensive system with all users accessing the same features.

And that’s what we deliver. Marinalife Manager works behind the scenes to deliver what customers need, an operating system that enables the marina to run smoothly in the way that suits them best.


Marinalife Manager has the ability to run marinas, boatyards, dry storage, dry stack and launch on demand, membership organizations, and even boat sales.

It doesn’t take lengthy and expensive customization to meet these different requirements – we understand that marinas are always about more than boats, so we built the system to deliver what’s needed, out of the box.


There are no extra modules to purchase in Marinalife Manager – the capabilities you need are there right from the start. Whether you’re running a marina, boatyard, dry stack, or yacht club, everything can be tailored to suit your operation.

Some customers will use every feature to the max, while others concentrate on a specific activity, or grow their system usage incrementally. Because the capability is built-in, operators can go at their own pace. Moving the management of the facility to Marinalife Manager isn’t an intensive project, it can be rolled into the process when the time is right.


Marinalife Manager is based on accounts and assets, rather than boats. This gives us the flexibility to manage complex ownership structures, like boats with multiple owners or owners with multiple boats, and to handle relationships like captains, co-owners and agents. With that, the software can support yacht clubs and membership organizations that require more asset management.

Focusing on assets means that we can help you with more than boats on berths. When assets can be anything from a berth to yard space, telehandler to washroom, we can cover your whole facility, not just the floating infrastructure. That allows us to deliver inspections regimes, maintenance scheduling and fault flagging within Marinalife Manager, saving you time and helping to keep your facility and customers safe.


Our digital architecture allows us to seamlessly integrate new features without impacting existing processes or data. There are no clashing modules, silos of data or legacy features; rather there’s a single, planned structure. This means we can be more agile and innovative, getting great ideas to our customers more quickly.

All Marinalife Manager customers are on the same version of the software, and all get software updates delivered automatically with zero downtime. Having all customers on the same version not only enables us to treat everyone fairly, but it also makes for faster deployment of updates and new features.

Interested in learning more about Marinalife Manager? We’re happy to help – [email protected]